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During the coronavirus pandemic, we feel it’s crucial more than ever to take notice of how incredible the world around us is, so today we’re covering quite a different topic: the most beautiful roads you must explore. This time, we’re taking an American classic — Ford Mustang convertible — and heading to Oahu, the most famous island in Hawaii.

Hawaii coastline drive. 
Photo courtesy of LIVEfeed
Hawaii coastline drive.
Photo courtesy of LIVEfeed

The island is home to the state’s capital, Honolulu, and the world’s renowned tourist destination, Waikiki. Oahu is an incredible mix of modern civilization and tropical jungle, and even if you’ve never been here before – I guarantee you’ve seen it. The island is one of the prominent filming locations for one of the world’s most recognizable science fiction movies, Jurassic Park.

When you’re taking a scenic drive alongside the ocean, you get a chance to enjoy quite a unique landscape: mountain cliffs on the left, and beach on the right. It takes only about two hours to drive around the entire island with no traffic, and a bit longer if you catch a rush hour. Here’s our article for the best stops to take along the route. There we’re covering sunsets and sunrises, Hawaiian sea turtles, macadamia nut farms, best dinner places, our favorite coffee shops, and more – make sure to check it out!

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