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Check out our brand new channel Beyond Repair that’s dedicated EXCLUSIVELY to automotive and motorcycle coverage, including repairs, tips and tricks, as well as how-tos.

We already have videos showing you how to fix your car window, how to install a motorcycle dashcam, how to find out why your car might be vibrating while driving, AND how to fix it quickly.

Additionally, we’re featuring a lot of motorcycle safety topics and other lifesaving advice you won’t find elsewhere.

At Beyond Repair, we’re covering complicated tasks in simple and easy-to-follow steps, releasing new videos EVERY SINGLE DAY, helping millions to save MILLIONS on repairs, AND more. Subscribe to stay tuned for new episodes, and we’ll see you there!

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Dennis Bindarau While changing the world of information, Dennis manages to find time for reviewing the newest cars and bikes, and also travel. He likes coffee, morning walk, and winter (spoiler alert: one of these is not true).

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