Motorcycle dashcam under $30? Possible! Check out our video

If you drive a car or ride a motorcycle, dashcam (also known as a digital video recorder or DVR) comes in as one of the first essentials for your peace of mind and safety. And while there are tons of options available for cars, with relatively straightforward installation, it becomes more and more challenging when it comes to motorcycles. There’s less space to install it in, and it is more difficult to properly fit it from the front and rear, which ultimately drives the price up and the number of available options down.

We took on the challenge to see if it’s actually possible to buy and install your dashcam on a motorcycle under $30. For our test model, we used the Kawasaki Ninja 1000, but the installation process would be the same for any bike.

Here are the products we bought:

Watch our video and see what happened!

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