Hotbodies MGP Slip-on exhaust: cure for a “silence-maker”

If you’ve ever experienced Kawasaki Ninja 1000 or Z1000, you know two things: 1) Kawasaki does a great job with sport touring bikes, and 2) They prefer to keep them silent. While your neighbors would be undoubtedly happy with #2 on this list, you might consider replacing your original OEM exhaust at least based on two reasons: performance and safety. If two of these things are as dear to your heart as they are to ours, keep on reading!

What are the challenges?

One factor that mostly gets you disappointed when it comes to changing the exhaust system on your Ninja 1000 or Z1000 is that, well, you need two pipes, and as you might expect, it would cost twice as much for your new slip-on or full exhaust system. While your current OEM exhaust is even quieter than most of the microwaves, this Kawasaki 1043cc engine is begging you, “Please, do something, I need to breathe,” and that’s where Hotbodies MGP slip-on comes in with the cure. One of the most affordable options on the market that gives your bike a beautiful tone without making it too loud. Installation is not hard at all, and the whole process will take only 15-25 minutes since this is a direct fit – watch our video for all the steps and details on that!

How does it sound?

When we first put it on, my colleagues mentioned that it might be “too quiet,” but I have to disagree on that. Considering that you would mostly ride longer distances on this bike, this is a perfect fit for the sport-touring category. Check out our video for some good soundtracks, as well as full unboxing and installation process.

How did we like it?

After riding for about 400 miles, we’ve noticed two significant benefits. First, the MGP slip-on gives you this beautifully vibrant, lower tone, as the bike starts to breathe. Plus, it also shows better behavior on low-end power delivery and fewer vibrations through your handlebars. Since it’s only March, we can’t tell for sure if the bike would run colder with MGP pipes, but you can expect a few degrees lower engine temperature having less back pressure even without changing cats and re-mapping. Overall, Hotbodies MGP Slip-on is a perfect solution for everyone who’s looking to prove that your Ninja 1000 or Z1000 can be called “sport-touring” without going too far on the touring side. Great sound, easy to put on with the basic toolkit, and again, this is one of the most affordable solutions for Ninja 1000 or Z1000 that you can do yourself!

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