LiveFEED® Content Marketplace

LiveFEED® Content Marketplace is the first global platform that allows content creators to easily share and monetize any type of content — text, photo, or video. Daily. Worldwide.

Why LiveFEED®?

With LiveFEED®, you’ll finally get an opportunity to spend more time on what you love and less time on what you don’t. It’s easier to connect with clients, get your work published and recognized, and get paid!

  • No more cold calling
  • No more ‘check waiting’
  • No more ‘complex and secret’ social media payment algorithms

With LiveFEED®, you get:

  1. Full transparency
  2. Instant same-week payments
  3. Broad range of clients right in your area

LiveFEED® Content Marketplace means:

  1. More income
  2. More clients
  3. More free time

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