Two-time NBA Champion Medvedenko: “We have to win this war, there’s no other option”

September marks the 7th month of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Ukraine’s Independence Day of August 24th was overshadowed by a multitude of missile strikes and air defense sirens going off across the country. In our new interview, we spoke with Slava Medvedenko, Ukrainian and American professional basketball player and two-time NBA champion who played for the legendary Los Angeles Lakers and Atlanta Hawks.

Slava met the war in Kyiv where he joined a volunteer territorial defense battalion. Fears, hopes, wins, losses, and regular life on the front lines — watch our video to see it firsthand.

Photo credit: Slava Medvedenko

In August, Slava Medvedenko auctioned his two NBA championship rings to raise money to help Ukraine. In addition, currently Medvedenko also takes part in the Sports for Ukraine NFT charity auction organized by, in collaboration with the volunteer organization Ukraine Alive 2022 and the Belarusian Sports Solidarity Foundation. Medvedenko’s collection is one of several presented at the auction, and other famous Ukrainian champions have also joined him in this mission.


During our interview, Slava shared his experience of everyday life in the war zone, fears, hopes, wins, losses, and what he thinks will happen next. We will continue covering the war in Ukraine and other breaking news in the US and worldwide — subscribe to our channel and always stay tuned with independent news and reviews daily!

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