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VIDEO: Hawaii coastline drive

During the coronavirus pandemic, we feel it’s crucial more than ever to take notice of how incredible the world around us is, so today we’re covering quite a different topic: the most beautiful roads you must explore. This time, we’re taking an American classic — Ford Mustang convertible — and heading to Oahu, the most […]

Your perfect day in Hawaii: 7 sights you shouldn’t miss

Growing up in a place where winter was a waste unless you had some quality sleigh time followed by frozen nose and ears, I remember the feeling I got when I first saw a picture of a tropical island. Blue ocean, sandy beach, and palm leaves softly whispering through the warm wind is something that […]
No place like New York for… Everything | LIVEfeed – news as it happensMVIMG_20181002_201759_optMVIMG_20181002_190837_1_optIMG_20181005_150145_optIMG_20181005_182254_optMVIMG_20181004_190638MVIMG_20181005_170529

No place like New York for… Everything.

One of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet, a trip to New York – whether for the first or four-hundredth time – is always worth considering. After spending some time in “The Big Apple,” here are some of our favorite finds. The vibe is all about hustle-and-bustle, high-energy, and you can feel the […]

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Coronavirus Panic Guide 101

Okay, people. It got serious. All of a sudden and with no one’s fault, coronavirus made in China now got imported all over the world. Doctors would probably be happy to google, but… Oops, this virus just didn’t exist before. So that leaves us in a slightly weird position where we have to figure it […]