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Oahu reopens beaches and stores: is Hawaii open for business?

Oahu reopens beaches right in time for those summer, surf-filled days. With crowds flocking to the waters and summer in swing, we talked with surf and swimwear stores about what it’s like to be open for business. On May 16, Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell reopened Oahu beaches but with some restrictions still in place. Unlike […]

VIDEO: Hawaii coastline drive

During the coronavirus pandemic, we feel it’s crucial more than ever to take notice of how incredible the world around us is, so today we’re covering quite a different topic: the most beautiful roads you must explore. This time, we’re taking an American classic — Ford Mustang convertible — and heading to Oahu, the most […]

Your perfect day in Hawaii: 7 sights you shouldn’t miss

Growing up in a place where winter was a waste unless you had some quality sleigh time followed by frozen nose and ears, I remember the feeling I got when I first saw a picture of a tropical island. Blue ocean, sandy beach, and palm leaves softly whispering through the warm wind is something that […]

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