Our Commitment to You

As our platform grows and more and more members join it every day, we feel it’s essential for everyone to fully understand and experience what LiveFEED is about. Here in this section, you will learn about our mission, goals, and, most importantly, our commitment to You. At LiveFEED, we revolutionize the world of information every day, and invite You to become a part of it!

Here’s our commitment to You:

  1. We never sell your personal information.
  2. We focus on solving issues, not cultivating them.
  3. Our mission is to fight fake news and eliminate news deserts. Check out our platform for some of the incredible features dedicated to that, with even more to come!
  4. Our goal is to create freedom of speech for everyone all over the world.
  5. Our motto is news as it happens.
  6. We always put You first. After all, you are the primary source of all information in the world.
  7. We provide a free, open, and safe place for information exchange and discussion. Different opinions are welcome, and everyone can share them with the world through our LiveFEED.
  8. Each of our members is a reporter. Sign up to create your free account and join us in transforming the world of information!
  9. We base our coverage solely on facts, and not bias.
  10. We’re available for you 24/7. Have anything to add or share? Drop us a note, or sign up for your FREE account with a phone number, and post directly to our LiveFEED!