New Yorkers protest Covid mandates, activists arrested

New Yorkers continue protesting the city’s vax and mask mandates. Monday, December 27th marked the start of the city’s Covid vax mandate for private businesses — at this point, the only mandate of this kind in the nation.

Anti-mandate protesters held another rally and marched through Brooklyn Bridge, demanding Mayor-elect Eric Adams to end the mandates. Previously, Adams stated he’s worried about how NYC’s new vaccine mandate will impact small businesses and promised “to assess the situation with his own health team once in office and will make a decision that protects the interests of both public health and the economy.”

Additionally to requiring private employees to provide proof of vaccination, the NYC vax mandate also requires employers to gather detailed documentation and follow up on second dose and booster appointments, which translates into another complex administrative layer that most small businesses simply don’t have any resources for.


Currently, about 83% of NYC adults are fully vaccinated, but that higher-than-national-average rate has not been sufficient to slow the spread of omicron, which has led to more breakthrough cases and a statewide rise of hospitalizations.

Changes to the mandate may come as soon as this coming weekend when Mayor-elect officially takes office.

This is a developing story and we’ll continue following the situation; please check back for updates.

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