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BREAKING NEWS: Thousands of military-age Chinese men illegally cross US border daily

No matter what your political views are, by now you’ve probably heard about the border crisis. In our new coverage, we’ll try to answer your questions and also show you the crisis from the inside, and how the system is operating. Even though the current border issues go far beyond just the border, and you’ve […]

BREAKING: Federal judge approves $10M settlement for health care workers fired over COVID-19 vaccine mandate, sets legal precedent

Today, a U.S. judge approved $10.3 million settlement for workers who were fired by an Illinois health care system for refusing to get a COVID-19 vaccine. About 500 workers who were terminated or, after seeing their exemption requests denied, got a shot, will receive compensation as part of the $10.3 million settlement, a preliminary version […]

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Review: Toguard C200 4K Dual Dash Cam — unboxing, install and test

By Vera Sauchanka, Dennis Bindarau Dash cameras become more and more popular for a reason. They add a level of protection on the road and ensure that if anything happens you will have the evidence you need, whether your car is parked or in motion. Back in the day, they used to be quite expensive, […]

Police release surveillance video of armed robbery at San Jose jewelry store

San Jose police have been investigating a string of armed robbery cases at jewelry stores across the city. On March 17, at approximately 2:46 PM, an armed robbery occurred at Variedades Franco, a jewelry and clothing store located in the 400 block of South Capitol Avenue. According to San Jose PD, two male suspects entered […]

Multi-vehicle crash on I-80 in Oakland, CA

The video captures the aftermath of a multi-vehicle crash on I-80 eastbound today. It appears that around 5 vehicles, including a bus, were involved. California Highway Patrol, firefighters and ambulance personnel were working on the scene. No further information is available at this time. Do you have anything else to share or add to this […]

San Jose PD arrests a suspect in over 30 smash and grab robberies in the Bay Area

As seen in the video, the suspects track victims in shopping center parking lots, block in the victim’s vehicle, smash the windows and flee the scene with purses and other personal property. After the initial robbery, victims reported additional fraudulent activity with credit cards and other identity-related fraud. According to the police, all victims are female […]

2020 Lexus LS 500: Rolls-Royce on a budget?

By Dennis Bindarau, Vera Sauchanka In 2016 we did a review of the previous LS 460 generation and didn’t find it particularly impressive. In 2017, Lexus made significant changes and introduced Lexus LS 500, so we thought now is the best time to give it another chance and find out if it would stand up […]

Civil forfeiture speeds recovery for dogs rescued from fighting rings

A New Mexico man’s long journey through the legal process for his extensive role in a dogfighting network — from his arrest in 2016 to his guilty plea last year to his sentencing in April — raises a logical question: What happens to the rescued dogs as the case is wending its way through the […]