Review: Toguard C200 4K Dual Dash Cam — unboxing, install and test

By Vera Sauchanka, Dennis Bindarau

Dash cameras become more and more popular for a reason. They add a level of protection on the road and ensure that if anything happens you will have the evidence you need, whether your car is parked or in motion. Back in the day, they used to be quite expensive, but as the technology took a leap forward, prices went down. Nowadays, you can get a decent dash camera for as low as $50 or even less, if you know where to look or are willing to sacrifice better video quality for a lower price. With so many options on the market, how do you ensure you pick the best dashcam for your budget? Well, this is where our product reviews come in.

Recently we got our hands on a new offering on the market — Toguard C200 4K & 1080P front and rear dual dashcam. Check out our video review for unboxing, essential info, install and test. What’s more — we’ve even compared Toguard C200 with our previous 50-dollar camera, to find out if it’s really worth it.

Review: Toguard C200 4K Dual Dash Cam — unboxing, install and test

Some of the features of the Toguard C200 include:

  • HD Video Recording: Toguard C200 is a dual camera, with a 4K front camera and 1080P rear camera, which means it clearly captures license plates, road signs, and other essential details. What’s even better, this feature works great at night also, which is still quite rare for dash cams in this price range.
  • High-quality Night Vision: Toguard C200 is equipped with a Sony image sensor, 6 full HD glass lenses, and an F1.8 large aperture lens, so even in a low light environment without an auxiliary light source, it is easy to get clear and color-accurate images.
  • 24-hour Parking Monitoring: Per the manufacturer’s website, the camera provides 24-hour parking monitoring, low-voltage automatic power-off, and protects the battery from power loss. Tip: the standard length of the rear camera cable is 19.5ft, but you will have an option to order a longer 27ft cable from Toguard, if needed.
  • Heat Resistance with Super Capacitor: Unlike many competitors, this dashcam uses a supercapacitor instead of lithium batteries. The supercapacitor is built to survive extreme weather conditions from -4°F to 158°F, providing more safety and ensuring a longer lifespan than lithium-ion battery dashcams.
  • Loop Recording: Real-time recording is uninterrupted, so there is no frame or second loss. Toguard automatically overwrites earlier recording after the memory card is full, saving you memory space and headache.
  • G-sensor: The dashcam built-in gravity sensor will automatically record and save the emergency video after a collision to prevent the video from being overwritten even in loop recording.
  • Mini 3-inch Display Dashcam: Style-wise, it helps you keep the original appearance of the car. Toguard C200 is also equipped with a special suction cup bracket, which is typically more firm. It does not fall off in summer, does not damage the windshield, does not block the line of sight, and does not occupy the original rearview mirror, ensuring safety.

You can read more information about Toguard C200 here or check out their other available dash cams.

As always — thanks for watching and if you have any questions, just let us know in the comments on the video page!

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