Solidarity Lines held across the globe in support of Belarus

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For the past few weeks, Belarusians of over 70 cities on five continents worldwide came out to peaceful protests against the repressions ahead of the upcoming presidential elections in Belarus. Amnesty International described the government’s brutal crackdowns and violations of human rights as a “full-scale purge.”

For the second time within the past few weeks, Belarusians of Northern California have joined dozens of rallies held worldwide to stand in the Solidarity Line at Marina Green in San Francisco. 

Belarus is ruled by “the last dictator of Europe” since 1994. The 2020 presidential campaign started just two months ago but already proved to be the most violent: key alternative candidates and Belarusian democratic leaders were thrown in jail just weeks after the campaign started. Several hundred people (including journalists covering the events) were detained and arrested for taking part in peaceful protests against the government violating human and voter rights. 

For the past few weeks, peaceful protests in support of Belarus were held all over the world, which set up an unprecedented record. Some of the places where rallies and Solidarity Lines took place are listed below:

New York, USA

Los Angeles, USA

San Francisco, USA

San Diego, USA

Chicago, USA

Miami, USA

Washington, USA

Pittsburg, USA

Boston, USA

Indiana, USA

Seattle, USA

Houston, USA

Austin, USA

Denver, USA

Hallandale, USA

Atlanta, USA

Cincinnati, USA

Philadelphia, USA

London, UK

Vancouver, Canada

Toronto, Canada

Montreal, Canada

Paris, France

Rome, Italy

Milan, Italy

Nizza, Italy

Barcelona, Spain

Valencia, Spain

Stockholm, Sweden

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Hague, Netherlands

Vienna, Austria

Berlin, Germany

Bremen, Germany

Hamburg, Germany

Dusseldorf, Germany

Kiev, Ukraine

Izmir, Turkey

Prague, Czech Republic

Warsaw, Poland

Krakow, Poland

Bialystok, Poland

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tbilisi, Georgia

Bratislava, Slovakia


Limassol, Cyprus

Nicosia, Cyprus

Perth, Western Australia

Dubai, UAE

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