Women across the US protest against Trump, Pence, and Barrett

Despite the pandemic, Women’s Marches were held across the country this weekend. Thousands of women took to the streets of Washington, DC, New York, Cleveland, San Francisco, and other major cities across the US. Additionally, there were digital streams for those who did not feel comfortable to participate in person.

In San Francisco, March for our Rights started at 11:00 am PST on Saturday. Protesters gathered near Civic Center and marched about two miles to Embarcadero Plaza. Among the main demands highlighted by the organizers were No Appointment Until AFTER Inauguration, Protect Women’s Right to Choose, Protect Marriage Equality, and Black Lives Matter. The protesters were shouting “Trump, Pence out now!” as they marched through downtown San Francisco. The march was also joined by representatives of different ethnic communities residing in the city.

Asia Dubarenka (center) holds a picture of the Belarusian opposition leader, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya.
Photo by Andrey Elenskiy.

“It’s very important for me to be able to have my voice and my opinion to be heard,” said Asia Dubarenka, a citizen of Belarus who permanently resides in the US.

“Since this year women seem to be leading the opposition to the oppressive Belarusian regime that uses violence to shut the voices down, it’s important for us as women to show that we can protest non-violently, and that we can be heard, and that our voice will be the voice of positive and peaceful change,” Dubarenka added.

“With this day of action, we’re calling for Justice Ginsburg’s wishes to be honored, and that there will be no appointment until after the inauguration, that marriage equality is protected, and the reproductive freedom is upheld,” emphasized Anne Mercogliano, co-leader of this Women’s March. She also encouraged women to volunteer as poll workers, and help people figure out their plan to vote.

The organizers of the march urged everyone to register to vote and vote early, before November 2nd.

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