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First person gets experimental coronavirus vaccine in Seattle

While people across the country were ordered to stay home and all non-essential businesses to close down, there is some good news, too. This Monday, March 16, the first person got injected with a trial vaccine intended to prevent the novel coronavirus COVID-19 in healthy adults. The vaccine mRNA-1273 was developed by biotechnology company Moderna Inc […]

Line in Sprouts Market in Walnut Creek, CA today

As California issued an order for everyone to stay at home, people started stacking up groceries. Like many other stores, Sprouts Market in Walnut Creek tries to hold the number of people who enter the store at once. If you can, try to shop at the less popular hours, before peak times.
Coronavirus Panic Guide 101 LIVEfeed

Coronavirus Panic Guide 101

Okay, people. It got serious. All of a sudden and with no one’s fault, coronavirus made in China now got imported all over the world. Doctors would probably be happy to google, but… Oops, this virus just didn’t exist before. So that leaves us in a slightly weird position where we have to figure it […]

Officials launch investigation into helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant and 8 others on board

This Sunday afternoon left a sad mark on many. A helicopter carrying legendary Los Angeles Lakers basketball player, Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and seven others on board, has crashed into a hillside near Malibu, killing everyone on board. According to the Los Angeles Sheriff Department, they had to ground their helicopters around the time of […]

Seed Investor Panel: What do startups need to succeed?

What do startups need to succeed? Which single question do most of them fail to answer? How to get in touch with a VC, if you’re building an innovative product? Watch our video interview with Sanjit Dang, Chairman and Co-Founder of U First Capital. “U First Capital started when we saw a gap in the […]

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